About Essentialistics

Welcome to the website of Essentialistics! Essentialistics was founded by me, Suzanne, out of love for creating unique and affordable jewellery and accessories. I have loved creating jewellery for as long as I can remember. This started with stringing simple bracelets for myself and friends, but it has grown into a webshop and various points of sale.

The name Essentialistics is a combination of Essentials and Minimalistic. Both jewellery and accessories are essentials for every woman and the style of the jewellery and accessories is minimalistic.

All the items can easily be combined with each other. I believe that it’s important that a jewellery piece lasts a long time, but is also affordable. That’s why I work with affordable, high-quality materials (plated materials and stainless steel). I also find it important that a jewellery item fits perfectly. Therefore, every bracelet and anklet has an extension chain so it will fit everyone.

In addition, I would like to help you in your search for the perfect jewellery item. I help you to discover which jewellery suits you and your outfit best and I also indicate which jewellery items match well with each other.

I hope that my handmade essentials make you very happy too and I would love it if you share your happy customer photo with me on social media!